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Use of Information

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Applicable Law

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If the User may have any queries, suggestions or comments, they can be made by privately in writing to In addition, if the User believes any information on the website or affiliated services of is inaccurate, the User can privately write to to make such suggestions

Website Privacy Statement

When a User accesses the website, personal identifying data and other information may be recorded. JobJump Pty Ltd will treat such information in accordance with the privacy obligations stated in the Privacy Act 1998 and the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 and the User consents to JobJump Pty Ltd to use or disclose such information for its own purposes including to the school's careers adviser or the school's nominated careers advising delegate, and as reasonably required for the operation of the website or as otherwise required by law. The User agrees to comply with its obligations under the Act, to keep secure its log-on passwords and otherwise comply with all reasonable privacy and security requirements as requested or notified by JobJump Pty Ltd.

Any information that you the User freely provide on the registration page of the website namely, your name, whether you are a student or a parent/carer/guardian/support for the student, your school or child's school, or educational institution or organisation, your year of study, your gender, your geographical region, your background such as if you are from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, the subjects that you study, your email address, the careers you have selected from the listing provided or any other such information which is sought when registering on is provided freely by you, the User for the following purposes:

Personal information you the User provide will be used for the purposes mentioned above or as otherwise permitted by Privacy legislation.

You, the User, if you are a minor, will have taken measures to seek approval from your parent/carer/guardian to register your personal information as detailed above. If you subsequently learn that your parent/carer/guardian has not given you such permission, you agree to take measures to unsubscribe from the website at your earliest opportunity.

You the User have the option to unsubscribe at any time during the term of registration and all information you have supplied on the registration page will be removed from the database of the website. If you elect to reregister on during the term of your registration, you the User are free to do so.

You the User are free to alter or update any information on your registration at any time during the term of the registration or when sought from JobJump Pty Ltd, for example updating the User's senior subject selections when moving from Year 10 to Year 11.

You the User, acknowledges that the website's Internet Service Provider may make records of the pages and the URLs you visit on the website, the time, date and duration of your visit. You further acknowledge and allow that such data is to be used by JobJump Pty Ltd solely for statistical and research purposes, for example, assessing times the website has differing levels of visitor traffic, assessing the geographical area of origin of Users at differing times, or the time and duration for differing traffic trends based on material and messages sent by email or posted on the website. The website may collect and use such data from the use of cookies for the purpose of measuring User traffic to the website.

You, the User allow JobJump Pty Ltd to make contact with you via email, only if JobJump Pty Ltd identifies that there is a need to provide support for your registration. JobJump Pty Ltd reserves the right to contact the User should the need arise where it may affect their registration, access to the site and receipt of email news.

JobJump Pty Ltd is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. Given and not withstanding all of the above, has taken measures to make secure the personal information you the User supplies to the website.

Any information that the User sends to the Website is sent completely at the User's own and sole risk.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to third-party websites with which has links.

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